Automate all your marketing efforts NOW with SmartLabs99! We offer the ideal all-in-one communication and marketing automation platform which will help you save time, resources and money, while improving the effectiveness of your campaign. Create sophisticated marketing campaigns and manage all of your communications from a single platform. With over 15 communication tools, you can easily communicate with a customer or lead via their preferred channel of communication.

Our Customer Relationship Manager allows you to create and build personalised profiles for all your customers and leads. This stored information can then be used to personalise messages that are sent out to your customers. Personalisation is crucial to making the customer feel valued and build strong, loyal relationships – showing that you are interested in their preferences and interests. SmartLabs99 provides you with a valuable tool where you could keep all your communications organised, timely and personal

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Simple Marketing Automation

Save on both time and money while enhancing your customer communication, with automated flows sent via email, SMS, voice broadcasts and fax communications.

“Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.” – The Annuitas Group

Grow by Building Loyalty

Nurture your leads by sending highly targeted, personal communications to each of your customers based on their behaviour, preferences, and stage in your sales pipeline.

Data-driven flows will help you increase the number of leads while generating more high-quality leads, as they will allow you to build the customer experience desired by the customer.

Customer Segmentation made Easier

Our Customer Relationship Manager will allow you to organize customers into pipelines for sales and support. Assign tags and categorize them into lists to send highly personalized and targeted communications.

“Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.” – Jupiter Research

Powerful & Insightful Analyitics

By analysing our reports you can identify what works best for you, and optimize for the best marketing possible.

Gain insights into your customers by tracking all of their activity on your website and/or app and continue to follow through by tracking all of the interactions you have with your customers

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